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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Principal's Message

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students, parents, staff and community of J. A. Cuddy School for being so supportive in our time of need. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming. It is hard to believe that two months of school have gone by so quickly! It has been a hectic time and we have made an amazing amount of progress toward our goal of returning to J. A. Cuddy School.

At this time, I can share with you that we have a tentative return date of November 22nd. The date is dependent upon the completion of all necessary construction work, clearance of fire and safety inspections, completion of classroom setup, and the moving of teaching and student supplies from our current location to J. A. Cuddy School. We have a lot of work over the next 3 weeks to accomplish; however, we have a magnificent school team and a supportive community working towards our goal. I will continue to post more information on the school webpage to ensure we keep parents and the community updated.

When we return, the school will look different as we will only have access to 1/2 of the building. To ensure we can all go back we are having one portable classroom and a portable washroom placed at the front of the school. We are very happy that we will have enough room for all our students to return to J. A. Cuddy School.

As we have recess and gym classes outside and as the weather gets colder, please make sure your children are properly dressed for outdoor activities. Gym classes can be 40 minutes long and students need to be prepared to spend time outside for that length of time.

This year we will be joining Sanford Collegiate for our Remembrance Day service. The service will be held on November 10th at 11:15am. We hope parents and community members will join us for the service.

Due to our delayed start to the year and the planning and work that will need to be done in the next three weeks, we are delaying the distribution of report cards by one week. This means that report cards will be distributed to Grades 1-8 students on November 30th. Our Student Learning (Parent/Teacher) Conferences will be held on the evenings of December 6th and December 8th. The conferences are a great opportunity for celebrating learning and setting goals for the rest of the year. Please ensure that you visit the school webpage on November 25th and follow the link to schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher. The link will be titled School Appointments Online, and a letter will be sent home closer to the date explaining how to book an appointment.

Lastly, I encourage parents to continue to routinely visit our school webpage to ensure we sustain the important home and school connection.

Scott Thomson
J. A. Cuddy School