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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Thank You!

Thank You!!

It has been just over 5 weeks since the fire at our school.  In that time, we have received donations of books from individuals and families, schools and churches from across the province and businesses in Winnipeg.  We’ve had young students from various communities take the initiative to organize book drives for our school.  From these donations alone, we’ve been able to set up a library in every classroom, with books to spare!  We were also part of the Indigo Adopt-a-School program, which ran from Sept. 18 to Oct 9.  Through this fundraiser, 188 books were donated to our future library!!

We are so grateful for the generosity shown to our school! Thank you to everyone for thinking of us and taking the time to donate books. Through all the donations, we are now well on our way to replenishing our library and class libraries!

Due to your tremendous support, at this point, we are no longer in need of books. 
Thank you.

J. A. Cuddy School