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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Student Safety


To: Parents/Guardians
From: Mr. Thomson
Date: September 18, 2016
Re: Procedures

Contacting the school:

Currently  our office is located within the Sanford Collegiate offices. Parents can contact the school using the high school phone number 204-736-2366, our J. A. Cuddy phone number 204-736-2282 is being forwarded to the high school for the time being.

Parents are also able to email the school at

Student drop off and pick up: 

School starts at 8:45am the school does provide supervision of students from 8:35 - 8:45am, however, we ask that parents try to drop students off as close to 8:45 as possible. Similarly the school day ends at 3:25pm and we ask parents to pick up students at this time.

While we understand that extenuating circumstances may happen we ask that parents please make sure that students are either picked up according to the times listed above.

Picking students up during class time:

In order to ensure student safety we ask that parents who are picking up students during class time check in at the office and sign out their child. 

The office will then contact the classrooms(portables) and have the students meet you in the office. For parents who are picking up grade 1/2 students, who are at the etech center, you are asked to contact the office and the office will contact the teachers.

Thank you for helping us ensure our students and children are safe.