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Friday, 3 June 2016

Student Fundraising

Students a J. A. Cuddy have been extremely passionate this year about the Greenspace project. They are very excited about the new school field and the proposed additions and improvements that are planned. This excitement led many students to some creativity on how to raise funds. 

This year we had dedicated students who monthly put on a bake sale ($532.00), we had students who decided to donate their birthday money ($200.00) to the Greenspace fund, we had students who put on an Art Gallery silver collection ($99.60), and students who made and sold Loom Bracelet ($21.85). All that we can say is WOW!

J. A. Cuddy School and the Parent Advisory Council would like to thank all the students of J. A. Cuddy for their ingenuity, hard work and dedication in raising funds for the new Greenspace!

Way to go Jaguars!